Employee Evaluation

Employee Information

Overall Purpose Of Employee Appraisal

* To initiate a clear and open communication of performance expectations * To assist employees in their professional growth, through the identification of strengths and opportunities for development

At the outset of the appraisal time period

* It is the joint responsibility of the employee and the supervisor (appraiser) to establish a feasible work plan for the coming year, including major employee responsibilities and corresponding benchmarks against which results will be evaluated. * Critical or key elements of performance and professional development needs (if any), should also be noted at this time

At the conclusion of the appraisal time period

* The employee will be responsible for completing a draft of the Appraisal Form as a tool for self-evaluation and a starting point for the supervisor’s evaluation. The employee can add examples of achievements for each criterion. Once the form had been filled, the employee send it to his supervisor. * It is the primary responsibility of the supervisor to gather the necessary input from the appropriate sources of feedback (internal and/or external customers, peers). In case of collaboration with OpenERP SA Belgium, the supervisor must receive completed evaluation form from the employee's Belgian project manager. * The supervisor synthesizes and integrates all input into the completed appraisal. He motivates his evaluation in the ad hoc fields. * The employee may choose to offer comments or explanation regarding the completed review. * The supervisor send the form to the HR department in India and in Belgium.

Work Plan

Additional comments :


Supervisors only :

Overall Performance Summary Rating

including the project evaluation form (if any)

Professional Development Objectives

Personal Performance Objectives

Project Objectives

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